Produce + Progress

model for urban regeneration

we build ecosystems

Urban Pastoral™ (UP) is a next generation Development Firm based in Baltimore, MD, that uses Food as a tool to Regenerate Cities.

We transform Unique Urban Spaces into Economic Food Hubs comprised of High-tech Agricultural Growing Facilities, Consumer Facing Hospitality Concepts, & Workforce Development Programs . 

Strategically placing Economic Food Hubs in the heart of urban areas, we create environmentally efficient supply chains, robust localized commerce, and targeted job creation.  The network of relationships that fuel these ecosystems minimize waste and promote self-sustained profitability. 


Food is the common thread that connects every being on the planet.

It is a tool for social empowerment and the driving force behind our economy



Cities are the Future of Our Planet.

Global populations are rising and urban density is increasing at a rate where cities are no longer capable of providing core necessities for their inhabitants.

                                                                        Food + Urbanity

urban food productions is the future of sustainable cities